Donnie Poindexter

donnie-bio2Donnie Poindexter, the middle son of five brothers, learned to love all things cowboy by following his two older brothers’ example. He ran a small herd of cattle and raises a few head of horses. He never passes up a chance to ride “Sorrelly” either on the trail or when helping his brothers work cattle.

His love for music began early and was inspired by greats like Merle Haggard and Marty Robbins. He took on the role of lead singer in a trio, which included his oldest brother and his wife’s cousin, playing at the “Hill Top Café” as his very first gig. A short time later he again took on the role as lead singer with country band, the “Country Mile”, which was made up by his two older brothers, his brother-in-law and the husband of his cousin. They became disillusioned with the clubs and bars where they were booked every Friday and Saturday night. These low paying gigs exposed the young band to many fights and came just one more Saturday night away from a fatal shooting. The band fell apart as their interest faded. A ten year hiatus began as the band members went their own way to start families.

By the mid eighties, Donnie and some of his family members started a band, “Poindexter Family Bluegrass”. Along with his wife and son, his older brother and his wife and daughter, and their dad, the new group started a nearly thirty year span of playing outside gigs and hosting shows at their own “Poindexter Family Bluegrass Barn”.

Tired of playing many of the same songs for thirty years, Donnie started looking for something more fun and discovered “Cowboy Music”. Nothing fit his background as well as this western music and he quickly became a fan of such greats as Ian Tyson, Don Edwards, and Tom Russell. Again in the roll as lead singer in his new group, “Steeldust”, Donnie supports efforts to conserve the traditional cowboy trail songs but also enjoys more contemporary western music. Donnie is a member of the Western Music Association and serves as Vice President of the Okalhoma Chapter of WMA. Steeldust performs lots of cowboy music as well as old country and original material.

Donnie Poindexter is the Real McCoy when it comes to Western Music. From the songs he writes to the classic songs he sings, Donnie’s performances leave the audience wanting more. His silky smooth voice, coupled with his deep appreciation for the history of the west make this Okie an artist audiences love to listen to.

Daryl Knight
Cowboy Poet

Donnie Poindexter “The Blue Stem Cowboy” has opened for me more than once. His smooth vocal makes him a crowd favorite and a good traditional cowboy country fit. His mix of both original and cover tunes are excellent and he delivers a George Strait song as well as anyone. What I mean by that, he makes it his on stage. It’s getting harder to find great professional cowboy country artist these days. Donnie Poindexter “The Blue Stem Cowboy is all of that, a professional in every sense.
Ridin’ away,

Royal Wade Kimes “The Gentleman Outlaw”

Donnie Poindexter’s cowboy music is born in the saddle. His life on the Oklahoma prairie is the seed for music of the cowboys life. From stretching barbed wire to guitar strings, you can literally see what he sings about.

Kermit Walsh, Vice President Fort Smith Western Heritage Month